Test Cell: how engines fly on the ground

Here, as throughout TAP, safety standards are high and teamwork is essential.

Test Cell: how engines fly on the ground

The Engine Shop Test Cell is one of the most iconic and important places in all TAP. This is where engines from around the world are tested before returning to their wings.

Safely, and installed in an adapter that simulates the wing of an aircraft, the engines are tested and monitored down to the detail, guaranteeing excellent conditions that ensure their return to the planes.

The Test Cell team measures several parameters during these tests, such as: impulse, temperatures, vibrations, pressures and oil consumption.

TAP's Engine Test Cell was built in 1968, and is now certified to carry out tests on CFM56 and CF6 engines. The process to test LEAP-1A is also ongoing. In 2019, 126 tests were performed, representing approximately 630 total testing hours.

Join us on this tour of the Test Cell guided by Tiago Godinho, Team Leader. See the video at the top of the page to learn more.

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