TAP Maintenance and Engineering


Welcome to TAP M&E

TAP M&E is the TAP Air Portugal Maintenance and Engineering Unit.

The long and vast experience performing maintenance and engineering support to our own airline fleet contributed to TAP Air Portugal reputation as one of the most reliable airlines in the world. Our third-party customers have also confirmed the quality of our services.

We can offer you the advantages of a complete set of maintenance services such as Aircraft Maintenance, Engine Repair and Overhaul, Components Repair and Overhaul, Continuing Airworthiness Management, Engineering Services, Technical Laboratories and Training.

We are located in Lisbon (Portugal) and we have highly qualified technicians and engineering staff.

Over the years the quality of our work has received international recognition from both customers and manufacturers, confirming the Care2Quality concept

Care2Quality embodies a 360° attitude towards customers, employees, shareholders, authorities, providers, community and environment.

This concept defines Safety, Quality and Relationship as the main pillars that support the approach of the organization towards its Interested Parties.

Being an umbrella concept, it reflects the commercial offer of TAP M&E in all of its products and services:

Care2Airframe | Care2Engines | Care2Components | Care2Engineering | Care2Technical Labs

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Lisbon – Portugal

TAP M&E facilities are conveniently located at Lisbon airport with a total building area of 71,200 m2 which includes 3 hangars
  • Hangar
  • - Capacity: 3 WB, 5 NB
    - Area: 26,380 m2

  • Engine Shop
  • - Capacity: >100 Heavy Shop Visits per year
    - Area: 8,700 m2

  • Components shop
  • - Capacity: 22,000 P/N per year
    - Area: 13,500 m2

  • Laboratories 
  • - 21,000 calibrations per year
    - Area: 2,000 m2