Engines, APU and Thrust Reversers Repair & Overhaul

TAP M&E Engine Shop is focused in providing the best solutions minimizing the high cost of replacing parts. 


Manufacturer Model Main Services
CFMI CFM56-3, -5A, -5B, -5C, -7B
Engine light and heavy maintenance

Engine testing


Redelivery checks

Technical consulting

Engine trend monitoring
General Eletric CF6-80C2/A/B
PWC APS3200  Complete Overhaul
Thrust Reversers A320 family and A330 family Complete Overhaul

Field Team Support

TAP M&E Field team is available to assist our customer worldwide avoiding premature engine removals and overhauls.

General Visual Inspection (GVI)
Engine Preservation
Accessories Inventory 
Video Borescope Inspection
Boroblend with and/or without FPI 
Top & Bottom Casing
Fan Blades Replacement
Fan Blades Blending
Fan Disk Replacement 
Fan Abradable Repair
Fan Inlet Case Replacement 
OGV Replacement
Booster Replacement
#1 & #2 Bearing Support Replacement
#3 FWD Stationary Seal Replacement
#3 REAR Stationary Seal Replacement
VSV Inner Bushing Replacement 
VSV & VBV Rigging (static)
Engine Core Removal/Installation 
Combustion Chamber Replacement
HPT Module Replacement 
HPT Nozzles Replacement
LPT Module Swap
LPT #1 Nozzles Replacement
LPT STG 4 disk  Replacement 
LPT #4 or #5 bearing  Replacement
TRF Replacement 
TRF Studs Replacement
AGB Replacement 
AGB Accessories Swap
IGB Replacement
TGB Replacement
ECU Software upgrade

Repair Directory

TAP M&E has an extensive in-house repair capability for engine parts. To know more about our repair directory please follow the link.

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