LEAP-1A Engine Shop

The future of engine technology is our present.


We are pleased to announce that TAP M&E has one of the first engine shops in the world able to perform maintenance on LEAP-1A. This first step towards complete overhaul capability enables a wide range of Services to be performed on wing, Field Team or Quick Turn Events.

These are some of the services that TAP M&E can accomplish:

  • LEAP-1A AMM Tasks:
    • LEAP-1A Engine change (removal/installation bare or full QEC);
    • PSS, PS3, and P3B Sensing System Heating, Blowout And Vacuum Procedure;
    • Water Wash Procedure (with Juniper Probes);
    • On Wing Re-Programming of Electronic Engine Control;
    • Full Download of all EEC data – On Wing – CEOD;
    • Removal / Installation of Fuel Nozzles (Complete Set);
    • Fan cowl - protection of the right fan cowl forward leading edge;
    • Functional interfaces - modify wiring between relay 115tls and EIU.
  • LEAP-1A ESM Tasks:
    • Engine Inspection;
    • Engine preservation (365 days);
    • Engine C-Check;
    • QEC  (removal, inspection and installation);
    • Fan abradable repair;
    • Fan blades (removal, inspection and installation);
    • Complete BSI and boreblending capability & FPI;
    • Engine disassembly/inspection/assembly up to minimodule SM 53 (HPT Shrouds).

We welcome you to be part of TAP ME Family! For more detailed information, feel free to contact us and our Marketing and Sales Team will be more than happy to help you!