Quick Turns

At TAP M&E, we focus on our customers' evolving demands and thrive to provide excellent results in short turnaround times.

Quick Turns

At the TAP Maintenance & Engineering Shop, we are committed towards providing agility, flexibility and availability that you can trust.

These are essential tools that are part of the core of the Engine workshop's daily routine. "Quick Turns" are a prime example of that. Not all maintenance work is scheduled and responding quickly to an unexpected problem - that can leave an aircraft on the ground, with all the operations constraints that this poses - represents an important part of the work performed by the Workshop teams.

Not only fundamental to serving the TAP Fleet, quick turns are also a service requested by external customers, that consider the TAP Engine Workshop a competent, trustworthy and quick response service provider. 

Watch the video at the top of the page to find out more. 

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