Engine Modules

At TAP M&E, our mission is to support you during each stage of your engine operation lifespan.

Engine Modules

Today’s engines are built from a number of individual assemblies known as modules, each of which has its individual identity, service history and inspection thresholds. By changing the modules at the right time you may postpone or avoid future larger shop visits. 

During a performance restoration, the modules are just like a puzzle and are carefully dismantled, inspected, balanced, and repaired or replaced as necessary. Our dedication throughtout the whole process remains exactly the same, albeit if we're dealing with a big component or a small part that fits the palm of our hand. With the expertise of our Maintenance and Engineering Shop no detail is spared and we are commited to the most advanced programmes and towards optimizing the engine's performance and lifespan.

At TAP Maintenance and Engineering our quality procedures and innovative repair techniques are highly appreciated by both our customers and manufaturers. It is essential for us to be on top of the latest developments and well prepared to meet your requirements.

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