Machines and Engines

The Machining & Plating Shops serve all our TAP M&E area and are an essential part of Engine Maintenance.

Machines and Engines: Technology and Precision

Machines are essential, and so are the workers of the Machining and Plating Shops. These special shops combine strength, technology and expertise.

The Machining and Plating Shops serve all the operational areas of TAP M&E — Engine, Aircraft and Components — and work closely with them, serving the common purposes of ensuring the safety of our Service and providing an excellent Product to our customers. Around 3,000 essential parts of aircraft are processed through these shops every month.

João Pita — the man in charge for the Machining and Plating Shops — refers that the Machining and Plating Shops are essential for the increased inhouse repair capability that differentiate us from other MROs.

Join us in a journey through the Machining and Plating Shops guided by one of its team members, Rui Teixeira da Cruz. Watch the video at the top of this page to find out more.

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