Field Teams

We bring our quality maintenance to you!

At TAP M&E, besides our capabilities in the shop, we also remain very active performing Field Teams. We go wherever you need us to go, and perform all the services below:

General Visual Inspection (GVI)
Engine Preservation
Accessories Inventory 
Video Borescope Inspection
Boroblend with and/or without FPI 
Top & Bottom Casing
Fan Blades Replacement
Fan Blades Blending
Fan Disk Replacement 
Fan Abradable Repair
Fan Inlet Case Replacement 
OGV Replacement
Booster Replacement
#1 & #2 Bearing Support Replacement
#3 FWD Stationary Seal Replacement
#3 REAR Stationary Seal Replacement
VSV Inner Bushing Replacement 
VSV & VBV Rigging (static)
Engine Core Removal/Installation 
Combustion Chamber Replacement
HPT Module Replacement 
HPT Nozzles Replacement
LPT Module Swap
LPT #1 Nozzles Replacement
LPT STG 4 disk  Replacement 
LPT #4 or #5 bearing  Replacement
TRF Replacement 
TRF Studs Replacement
AGB Replacement 
AGB Accessories Swap
IGB Replacement
TGB Replacement
ECU Software upgrade