Combustion Chambers

At TAP M&E, we dedicate our time repairing and caring for these fundamental pieces.


The combustion chambers are one of the most important pieces of an airplane’s engine. They are responsible for giving a temperature boost to the already pressured air coming from the compressor and achieving the highest level of energy to the primary airflow before reaching the turbine.

The temperatures in the combustion chambers can reach 1800ºC during the flight, which proves their enormous resilience to withstand these extremely high temperatures.

After many flights, the chambers can present certain fractures, burns and missing pieces. For this reason, the work of our Maintenance & Engineering Shop in repairing these pieces and transforming them into practically new pieces, ready for news flights, is crucial.

At the TAP Maintenance & Engineering Shop, we are trusted with the repair of more than one hundred combustion chambers per year.

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