Bearing Inspection

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Bearing Inspection

There is no other component in engine design that has such an important role and determines performance more than that of a bearing. Considered to be a critical component in an aircraft engine and a highly responsible mechanism with extremely delicate parts exposed to high temperatures and speeds, making its inspection process not only essential but also strictly regulated.

Bearing inspections are carried out in the controlled environment of the Clean Room, where the temperature is set between 19º - 21º, with humidity levels between 40% -60%, which provide the perfect conditions to carry out the thorough and necessary inspection. 

After many flights, bearings may present some damage. With the expertise of our Maintenance and Engineering Shop no detail is spared and we can pinpoint exactly how the damage was caused, allowing us to repair and transform them back to their original quality standard. 

At the TAP Maintenance & Engineering Shop, we are committed towards providing quality that you can trust. 

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