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Aircraft Engine Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul

​TAP Maintenance & Engineering has over 40 years’ experience providing services to commercial and military aircraft engines.  The turbo-fan engine centre is located in Lisbon, Portugal, while the turbo-prop engine centre is located in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The company integrates highly-skilled technicians with a remarkable engine operation, troubleshooting, and repair/overhaul background on several types of engines.

Engines / Repair & Overhaul

Our engine maintenance services are not restricted to engine overhaul packages.  We also offer a full list of complementary services tailored to our customers’ precise requirements.

Manufacturer Model Services
CFMI CFM56-3, -5A, -5B, -5C, -7B
  • Engine light and heavy maintenance
  • Engine test
  • Troubleshooting
  • Redelivery checks
  • Technical consulting
  • Engine trend monitoring
General Electric CF6-80C2/A/B
Field Team Support
  • Top and Bottom case
  • VSV Bushing replacement
  • PW4000-100” Front Bearing Compartment Carbon Seals replacement TGB and AGB replacement
  • TGB and AGB replacement
  • Fan Disk replacement
  • Modules exchange
  • Borescope inspection
  • HPC boroblend
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APU / Repair & Overhaul

We possess an extensive APU capability and a long tradition of high reliability. Over 30 years of combined experience in the APU commercial business, coupled with highly skilled and experienced engineers and technicians specialised in APU troubleshooting, repair, and overhaul deliver a high quality product.

Recent additions to our capabilities include the new generation GTCP131-9B APUs used on the B737 NG fleet, and the Hamilton Sundstrand APS3200 used on the A320 fleet. Completely refurbished test cells equipped with the latest technology were part of the effort to introduce these new capabilities.

Manufacturer APU Type Support Services
Honeywell GTCP85 series
  • APU On-Wing Services
  • APU Lease Support
  • Field Team Services
  • Technical Training
  • APUs Removal & Installation
Hamilton Sundstrand APS3200
APS500 T62-T-40C11
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