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​The level of expertise in TAP M&E’s services is built on a workforce with a high level of professional skills.

TAP M&E’s technicians develop their career in a wide variety of areas where their skill and know-how are put to work in a process of continued development. Our training programme spans an employee’s entire career, with a focus primarily on the following areas:

  • Aircraft and other Technical Training
  • Information Technologies
  • Planning and Logistics
  • Quality and Regulations
  • English
  • Health and Safety
  • Leadership
Technical Training

Technical training is the cornerstone on which the high quality of our services is built.

Our instructors aim not only to pass on technical knowledge, but to enhance our technicians’ personal career growth, all while ensuring adherence to the TAP M&E’s distinctive brand. Aircraft and other technical training represent over 85% of total training time.

Ab-initio Training

Since 1987, TAP M&E has promoted and offered ab initio technical training for young candidates to Aircraft Maintenance Technicians (AMT).

Each ab initio training course is 18 months in duration, 12 of which are spent in the classroom or simulated practice, and 6 “on the job” training, totalling around 2,400 training hours.

In the 15 courses that we provided so far, we've qualified/created/prepared 650 AMTs in electric-mechanical and electro-avionics.


TAP M&E offers practical training in most skills and areas of activity. For further information, or to apply, please contact:

Portugal · Lisbon
Phone: (+351) 21 841 5555

Brazil · Rio de Janeiro
Phone: (+55) 21 3383 2249

Brazil · Porto Alegre
Phone: (+55) 51 3375 7826

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