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Maintenance Centres

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​​TAP M&E’s maintenance centres in Europe and South America ensure geographical flexibility, agility, and convenience to Customers around the world.

Lisbon - Portugal
TAP M&E facilities are conveniently located at Lisbon airport with a total building area of 71.200 m2 which includes 3 hangars

Hangar capacity: 3 WB, 5 NB

Hangar area: 26,380 m²

​At our facilities we offer a vast range of ​services:​
  • Line maintenance
  • Airframe A and C checks, for Airbus fleets
  • Engine repair and overhaul
  • Components maintenance
  • Engineering and technical services
  • CAMO (Part M)
  • DOA (Part 21J)
  • Logistics solutions
  • Training
  • Technical Labs (NDT, Physical & Chemical analysis, Calibrations)
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TAP M&E Brazil owns the largest and most comprehensive group of aircraft shops in Latin America.  TAP M&E Brazil has over 80 years’ experience providing maintenance services to Brazilian and international airline operators.  Its military aviation segment possesses over 40 years’ experience servicing military aircraft for the Brazilian Armed Forces in addition to the Air Forces in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, and Uruguay.

Rio de Janeiro

Our Rio de Janeiro hangar is one of the largest in Latin America. Services include: Aircraft maintenance (A, B, C, IL and D checks, aircraft painting, engineering and planning support) for Boeing B727, B737 CL/NG, BBJ, B767, B777, MD11; and for Airbus A300-B4, A300-600, A310, A330 and A340.

Hangars: 1

Hangar Capacity:4 WB

Hangar Area:14,500m²

Total Building Area:180,000m²

Porto Alegre

With five hangars located next to Porto Alegre International Airport, this repair facility features the best-equipped group of specialised shops in all of Latin America. Services include: Airframe maintenance for Boeing B727, B737 CL/NG, BBJ, B767; for Airbus A320 family; for Embraer EMB 120, ERJ 135/145, E-JET 170/175/190/195 and Legacy; complete overhaul for Landing Gears, APU and PWC engines; plus avionics and accessories maintenance for over 17,000 part numbers.

Hangars: 5

Hangar Capacity:1 WB, 5 NB

Hangar Area:12,500m²

Total Building Area:55,000m²

Go here for more in-depth information about TAP M&E Brazil

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