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Environmental Responsibility

TAP M&E Environmental Responsability

​TAP Maintenance & Engineering is committed to conducting its activities in a sustainable manner and ensuring environmental concerns play a role in the company's growth strategy. Mindful that sustainable development is only possible through the balance of economic, social, and environmental forces, TAP M&E promotes environmental awareness through effective training and adoption of concrete measures aimed at reducing industrial pollution and CO2 footprint. 

Environmental concerns have been part of our company culture since the 1970s when we began operating our Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant. In the 1990s we introduced improvements in solid waste management with the goal to promote reuse, recycling, and energy recovering of solid waste, thus avoiding landfill disposal. Since the 2000s environmental issues have also been taken into account when building new infrastructures. Example of this is our Engine Shop which obtained an Environmental Permit from the Portuguese Environmental Agency certifying that its plating facilities comply with European and Portuguese laws concerning the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Act.

Our current environmental strategy is focused on minimising ​environmental impact. In order to achieve that, we are adopting more eco-friendly products and developing a Responsible Energy Consumption Plan. We also monitor our consumption of water and raw materials to ensure reasonable usage and the wellbeing of present and future generations.​

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